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Headset - great desktop YouTube music player

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Headsert - great desktop YouTube music player
Headset is a desktop app that turns YouTube into a world class music streaming service. Create collections, tune-in to a music subreddit or quickly play that songyou’ve had stuck in your head all day!
The interface Headset is very easy to use. You simply enter the name of the band, song or album and choose a result to start to lose it (you can also play playlists).
When the track is playing, you can open a panel with "Now Playing" that allows you to add a song to your favorites, switch to next or previous track, and view the playback queue.
You need to register a free account to unlock other features such as the ability to create playlists.
This app has a few limitations, for example, whether to display the video window (it can be rolled) so as not to violate the YouTube rules:
  • YouTube has millions of songs, from massive hits to rare gems to cult classics, with more added every minute. It’s more music than you could listen to in a lifetime.
  • Find what to listen to next by following a music subreddits, with over 80 different stations, including /r/listenToThis, /r/90smusic, /r/electronic and many more. Explore curated playlists, hand-picked by the reddit community.
  • Build a collection of your favorites, so they’re always close at hand. Save playlists directly from YouTube, keep a "listen later" list of songs, or even capture hours of MIT courses and TED talks. The possibilities are endless.
Headsert - great desktop YouTube music player Headsert - great desktop YouTube music player Headsert - great desktop YouTube music player Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download latest DEB package
Headsert - great desktop YouTube music player2. Install as usual. Run. Enjoy!
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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