Imagination – lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker

Imagination - lightweight and simple DVD slide show makerImagination is a lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker for Linux and FreeBSD written in C language and built with the GTK+2 toolkit. I noticed a lack of a user-friendly DVD slide show maker for GNU/Linux, so I started developing Imagination. True, there are some other GUIs which do the job, but they usually require a lot of dependencies to be installed first and often their interfaces are bloated. Imagination has been designed from the ground up to be fast, light and easy-to-use. It requires the ffmpeg encoder to produce the movie file and libsox to handle the audio.To create in Imagination a slideshow and bring it in .VOB very easily. How this is done in principle? Click “Import pictures” and in the opened window select the pictures that will become our future slides. Select one of the imported images, press Ctrl+A to select all, then click “Random” on the tab “Video” on the right. Next to each picture you now have the transition icon. That’s almost all, we can only open the tab “Slideshow → Export” in the menu at the top to specify the name of the file and where to save it, and then click “Ok”. Imagination will create a slideshow with random transitions and displays it in the default .VOB not very acceptable resolution of the pictures 480p. Therefore, before the use of the program, let’s visit the settings and choose .VOB 720 or even 1080p.
This is an example of fastest. In fact, Imagination allows:

  • apply a large number of transitions for the slideshow and individual pictures, to set their speed and duration of slides
  • add an audio track to make the duration of slideshows in minutes and seconds always in sight,
  • enlarge the pictures to fill the “useful area” of 4:3 or 16:9 (normal zoom) and rotate them
  • use fade and other transitions for text, if necessary,
  • see the slides before output and demand
  • save the slideshow .VOB, .OGV, .FLV or old .3GP.
  • save and continue the project at any time.

The program is perfect for users who need to build a “quick” slideshow and those who like to do everything carefully and methodically, but does not want to understand the jungle of settings. The lack of program – output file formats, among which there is the most demanded by many users .MP4 or .MKV, but this issue is easily solved with conversion. And another inconvenience, which affects mostly impatient users or owners is not top-end machines – the program is very slowly render the next video. In General, Imagination is the most convenient in its category tool for home use in Linux.
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

sudo apt install imagination