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Stremio - powerful media aggregator

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Stremio — powerful media aggregator
Multimedia shell for easy search and viewing of video content from the Internet local drive. Stremio allows you to play HD movies, YouTube channels, TV and more.
The program uses a variety of popular online sources that provide access to streaming video, and realized view of the torrent networks.
After you run the free program Stremio automatically connects to Internet and displays a list the latest available movies, TV and Internet channels. Enables you to watch television channels, including in HD quality from all over the world.
The entire list content can be sorted or apply filtering by category. Any sources you can add to your own library for later tracking updates. All the videos come with cover art and short descriptions, but if it's a movie or series, then, where possible, indicate the rating of IMDb.
Stremio - powerful media aggregator
Through the use of to access the content of an extensive list of sources in the program Stremio conveniently search desired videos. You can search not only by name, but for example the cast or the Director's name.
If You watch Stremio in a foreign language, then the software can, if necessary, automatically find and display subtitles.
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download latest stable or beta version
2. Unpack and run
Stremio - powerful media aggregator
Stremio - powerful media aggregator
Stremio - powerful media aggregator
Stremio - powerful media aggregator
Stremio - powerful media aggregator
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