My List of Plugins for Fedora 40

My List of Plugins for Fedora 40

We all aim to make our workflow more efficient and enjoyable, and Fedora 40 offers superb customization capabilities through the GNOME Shell extension system. Here is a list of plugins that I have found to be most useful:

  1. [QSTweak] Quick Setting Tweaker - allows you to customize GNOME's quick settings for easier access to frequently used features.

  2. AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support - provides system tray integration for applications using the AppIndicator standard.

  3. ArcMenu - replaces the standard applications menu with a beautifully designed and customizable menu.

  4. Auto Move Windows - automatically moves windows to predefined workspaces upon opening.

  5. Autohide Battery - automatically hides the battery indicator when fully charged.

  6. Awesome Tiles - organizes windows in a tile style for more efficient multitasking.

  7. Battery Time - displays the remaining battery life directly on the taskbar.

  8. Blur my Shell - adds a blur effect to the workspaces and Activities overview panel.

  9. Burn My Windows - window burning effect upon closing, adds visual effects to the interface.

  10. Clipboard Indicator - convenient clipboard management right from the top bar.

  11. Dash to Panel - combines the Activities overview and dash into a single taskbar.

  12. Desktop Cube - a 3D cube effect for desktops, improves navigation between them.

  13. Freon - displays the temperature of PC components on the panel.

  14. Fullscreen to Empty Workspace - switches full-screen applications to a new workspace.

  15. Gnome 4x UI Improvements - user interface enhancements for GNOME 40 and above.

  16. GPU profile selector - allows you to switch graphics card profiles directly from the top bar.

  17. Gtk4 Desktop Icons NG (DING) - the next generation of desktop icons for GTK4.

  18. OSD Volume Number - displays a numeric volume value when changing it.

  19. Printers - improved printer integration in GNOME.

  20. Space Bar - an informative space bar that shows disk space usage.

  21. User Avatar In Quick Settings - displays the user's avatar in quick settings.

  22. Window Gestures - adds mouse gestures for window management.

  23. WireGuard-VPN-extension - convenient VPN integration through WireGuard directly from the top panel.

  24. Wireless HID - enhanced management of wireless input devices.

These extensions can be found and installed through the website, which serves as a centralized resource for searching and managing GNOME extensions.

Each extension has its unique feature that can enhance your productivity, workspace organization, or simply add a bit of fun to your workday. For instance, the "Blur my Shell" extension adds an elegant blur effect to your desktop, while "Dash to Panel" combines the activity overview and taskbar for more convenient navigation.

Remember to check the compatibility of each extension with your version of GNOME, especially when updating your system. Now, your desktop can be as unique as you are!

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